Fetch 3

VersionDateOSJREFile SizeDownload Notes! Minimum requirements Win XP SP3 or greater. Windows Server 2012 and above require the installation to run under Windows XP SP3 Compatibility mode
3.3.0 61060.203/05/17OSXN/A159.7MbDownload Minimum requirements OSX 10.7.3 Lion. Installer Guide


Fetch 2

VersionDateOSJREFile SizeDownload Notes
2.5.201/10/09Win1.633.4MbDownload **Current Version** (Support for Vista. Corrupt Order files skipped +Auto Restart)
2.5.201/10/09OSXN/A6.4MbDownload **Current Version** (Support for Snow Leopard +Auto Restart) Requires OSX 10.5+
2.5.023/05/09OSXN/A6.4MbDownload **OLD Version** (Support for OSX 10.4 and earlier ONLY)

Fetch 2 User Handbook
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