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Primary care medical services

Sonic Healthcare's Australian Clinical Services division is the primary care division of Sonic Healthcare, bringing together a broad spectrum of health services including general practice clinics and after-hours GP services, occupational health services, remote health services, community and home nursing services, primary care research programs, health assessment technologies, clinical trials and chronic disease management programs.

Sonic's clinical services network includes trusted brands such as IPN Medical Centres, Sonic HealthPlus and Australian Skin Cancer Clinics, and provides national healthcare services and solutions throughout metropolitan, regional and rural Australia.

What is General Practice?

Clinical ServicesGeneral Practice is the medical discipline that delivers primary healthcare in the community. General Practice is usually the first point of call for patients, and deals with everything, from colds and flu through to acute and chronic illnesses. General practitioners also provide preventive care and health education to patients.

The holistic approach of General Practice aims to consider the biological, psychological and social factors relevant to the medical care of each patient. The discipline is not confined to specific organs of the body and involves treating people with multiple health issues. 

General Practice delivers cost-effective, personalised medical care in a community setting, and is usually the first point of call for people seeking medical advice. This also helps to take the pressure off hospital emergency departments. Patients often develop long-term, trusting relationships with their GPs, returning to them for navigation of their care.

General Practice services

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General Practice Clinics
The largest operator of medical centres across Australia, with more than 2,000 doctors who run their own practices from one or more of 150 modern, well-established, supported clinics. IPN clinics see more than 7 million patients each year, providing approximately 10 million consultations.


Occupational Health
Occupational healthcare and general medical services, with clinics in metropolitan, regional and remote locations, protecting the health and wellbeing of families and workforces.


Skin Cancer Clinics
Specialised clinics for the early detection, diagnosis, treatment and management of skin cancer in the primary setting.


Community-based Healthcare Services
Community-based healthcare services to support people with acute or chronic, complex health conditions.


General Practice IT Solutions
Specialised software that allows healthcare professionals to create customised care plans for patients with complex health needs, facilitating seamless, integrated and collaborative care by their entire healthcare team.